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January 9, 2018

Happy 2018 everyone!


I am excited to announce that not only will we be offering eyelash extensions in our packages for brides this year but that it is with our very own Lead Stylist Rhea!


I had always been nervous to get lash extensions for a few reasons.


  1. Since switching to natural makeup my lashes are the longest they have ever been and I have heard the horror stories of girls who have lost their lashes from extensions.

  2. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to things, and I wasn’t sure how I would deal with them not being perfect between fills.

  3. I am terrible with my eyes being worked on by others. Eyeshadow application, eyebrow tweezing, anything like that I can get super irritated.

  4. I really don’t like the look of overdone eyelashes, and working in weddings I have seen my fair share of over the top eyelash extensions.


When Rhea told me that she was going to be trained and certified in lash extensions I knew this is when I had to try them out. If we wanted to add lash extensions as an option for brides I of course needed to experience it for myself before I would recommend it to our brides.


Rhea helped my nerves calm down right away. She explained to me that proper isolation is key for eyelash application. An individual false lash is glued to one of our natural lashes. One of the ways lashes can fall out faster is if glue was too heavy, or if the application is rushed and one lash extension is being glued to a group is lashes. It is important to find a certified lash technician, improper application can cause your natural lashes to damage, and break as your lashes are in different growth stages if glued together and not properly isolated.


When Rhea first started out she would book time frames of 3 hours. She said it was so important to make sure you are attaching an eyelash extension to each individual eyelash so of course this can be time consuming. As Rhea got more experience her speed of course improved but she still makes sure to book in more than enough time for clients as she never wants to rush to make sure she is doing the best job she can.


My first experience with Rhea was REALLY relaxing, it took everything in me not to fall asleep as she is so gentle! She did a great job of picking me a set that was noticeable enough but not over the top and to be honest I have liked having lash extensions more than I thought I would.


I had them done them done the beginning of December and it was so nice to have them for all the holiday events and a snowboard trip. It was nice to wake up and do nothing to my face but still look like I put some effort in because my lashes were nice and long yet natural looking.


Here is a picture of my lashes naturally and after one side is done by Rhea.


I can see why lash extensions are so awesome for certain occasions. From a brides view the week is so hectic leading up to the day yet you are seeing so many people it’s nice to have one less stress so if you do forget or run out of time to do your makeup you will still look fabulous. Not to mention if you are going on your honeymoon right your wedding having your lashes done would be so nice!


My set of lashes all done, I had a C-Curl!


Rhea told me that having a successful set of lashes is 20% the lash technician and 80% the aftercare. She was great at letting me know how to take care of them and I made sure to be really good to them. Being my anal self I booked a fill for 2 weeks after and I was surprised how many lash extensions I still had in then! 

 My lashes at 2 weeks before getting them filled.


The second time I had to get a fill it was 3 and a half weeks and STILL I had quite a bit left but I needed them removed to do this blog post.


So guess what…… here are my lashes after removal. YES! I still have my lashes!

I definitely already miss having lash extensions and after my experience we will definitely recommend Rhea for brides as another lash option.


If you are our bride and book with Rhea for your wedding you will also get 15% off your first fill with her!


We can't wait to work with all our brides of 2018!

Gem xx


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