GelMoment- A non-toxic, 5 free, at home gel nail polish.

November 7, 2017

I definitely am way over due for a blog post, but if you like having nice nails you will love this post and product. I personally have been searching for a nail product for some time now. I have a pretty long list of requirements which is probably why it has taken me so long to find the right one. After some damaged nails from a salon and many time consuming nail polish applications this is what my ideal product needed to check off…

1. Does not damage my nails

2. Non-toxic

3. Doesn’t smell bad

4. Dries fast

5. Lasts for more than 2 days

6. Easily removes

7. Affordable


GelMoment ticked off all of these boxes and more!



Before I purchased this product it seemed too good to be true so I had to try it out for myself first. 

My nails lasted for 7 days before I got a chip and the application process was so easy. I was immediately blown away that a non-toxic product could work so well. I knew that a lot of my friends and family would love this product too so instead of just buying it I thought to myself why don’t I just try selling it, since the price to sign up was the same as a bigger kit.


Here is a picture of my first time doing my own nails with GelMoment and how long they lasted.


I have now been using and selling GelMoment for 3 months and I have fallen in love with this product even more. My nails are the strongest they have ever been. In fact, I didn’t break a nail for 2 months and when one finally did it was because I had taken the polish off and that day I didn’t have time to put a new colour on. That is a definitely a record for me. I’ve never had to file down my nails so much like I do now but they are just constantly growing and not breaking!


Of course, this product like any other works better for some than others. It is all dependant on your nail type. I am lucky that mine usually lasts from 8-12 days. The nice thing about GelMoment is they also have some serums to help get your nails stronger. I definitely have had some luck with their Almond Cuticle Oil. I am sure this has played a role in the polish lasting longer now and my nails not breaking so easily.




I could go on about this product, but I most importantly just wanted to share the love. If you are interested in this product please don’t hesitate to leave a message and ask questions or you can join my facebookbook group to learn more


To finish up here is a tutorial video I did with my friend Ally, it will help give you an idea of how the whole system works. I even added in a bonus nail art step in this video using their creativity brush set.





If you would like to purchase this product my website is, but again don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Gem xx




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