Tips For Switching To A Natural Deodorant

August 1, 2017

Switching to a natural deodorant is no easy task.  I know a lot of people (myself included) who have tried to make the switch and failed. It has taken me quite a few dollars, a reaction or two, some smelly days and a lot of patience to finally find one that works for me.


Why have I gone through all this trouble to switch to a natural deodorant?


There are many toxins and chemicals in deodorant that I would rather not take the risk if I don’t have to.










These are just a few ingredients that raise some red flags, especially for women. With our underarm being so close to our breasts there is a lot of questioning if the chemicals in deodorant could be breast cancer causing. You will read a lot of different facts and arguments about this, what is true or proven is another story.  For me I look at some of the ingredients and we know they are harmful, with so many toxins I have been determined to find a natural deodorant that actually works!


There are tons of natural deodorants on the market that don’t work, but there are also lots that do work! Just like our face or hair, we all react differently to things.  Same goes with deodorant. If you are wanting to take the leap into natural deodorant I want to share a few tips with you that have helped me.


1.       Read reviews and instructions.  When it comes to a product like this sometimes there are certain ways to apply or use what you have purchased.  Reading reviews allows you to learn from others mistakes or successes which can help you really figure out if the product will work for you or not. Reading instructions will also help you use your product the best possible way.

If a good chunk of the reviews you read say the deodorant does work then you are off to a good start.


2.       Be patient. Switching to a natural deodorant takes time. Your body needs time to adjust to the fact that your armpit pores aren’t being clogged with ingredients like aluminum to hold your sweat in. You may sweat a bit more at first but just remember sweat doesn’t always mean smell.  When I first switched over I made sure to apply my deodorant 2-3 times a day to be safe and slowly got back to just once a day. It’s weird but my body eventually adjusted, I am sure there is some sort of body science to this. If you can do it, I would say try a deodorant for a month before you decide yes or no to a deodorant.




3.       Look at the ingredients.  If you end up having to try a few deodorants (like I did) take note of the different ingredients.  It may just help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. One of the most effective ingredients used in natural deodorants they say is baking soda.  I totally agree it does work well, however it took me a while to realize that this was the ingredient that was causing me very uncomfortable rashes and why I first gave up on natural deodorants.


I am quickly going to tell you my experience with baking soda in deodorant, and which lead me to find my favourite deodorant by Sweet Body Treats.

I had thought 2-3 times that I finally found a natural deodorant that worked for me until about a month or so in I would all the sudden get red bumps in my armpits that were very itchy.  It got to the point where I could barely even shave, and what’s worse then smelling bad? Smelling bad and having hairy armpits…


After some quick research and chatting with others I knew who used or had tried using natural deodorant, I found out this was very common. Turns out baking soda can be very irritating especially if you are like me and on the go.  I am the type of person who showers and puts her deodorant on right away because I have to get out the door.  This isn’t the greatest thing when your applying an irritating ingredient to open pores, you want to give time for your pores to close. They say about an hour after is best. This just doesn’t work with my lifestyle so I finally found a natural, baking soda free deodorant!



Photo Credit: Allyfotografy


I love this deodorant! Not only is it locally made here in Abbotsford but it smells amazing.  Heather, the owner has SO many to scents to choose from.  It’s really exciting to order every time because there is so many options to choose from.


Although this deodorant may not have worked as well as some baking soda deodorants I tried, it came very close! Being such an active person I just make sure I also apply before I play a sport. If it’s a really hot day I will always keep it on the back of mind to maybe freshen up half way through the day or even before bed (I tend to use a lot of blankets). To me it’s just a habit now and so worth not ever getting a rash in my armpit and knowing I have no chemicals going on and into my body. I can put this deodorant on seconds after I have shaved in the shower and I have never had a problem! This is probably due to the amazing clean ingredients used in this deodorant!


Thank-you Sweet Body Treats for making this deodorant!


I hope this has given you a few tips to help you take the plunge into trying a natural deodorant. If you have any questions regarding other brands I have tried and my experience please don’t hesitate to message me!

Also be sure to check out Sweet Body Treats other brand, Clear Bath and Body.  Both of these brands are owned by Heather and they have such lovely products.  The only difference between them is Clear Bath and Body uses only essential oils in their natural and organic products, Sweet Body Treats uses body safe fragrances for their products (this allows more scent options).

Thanks everyone for reading this post and go give both of these brands some love on facebook or Instagram!


To purchase a natural deodorant you can do so on their website:


Ps- Be sure to check out Allyfotgrafy's blog in the next few days for more product reviews on Sweet Body Treats and Clear Bath and Body!


Gem xx

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