Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Green Tea Primer

March 21, 2017

I think we found what you’re looking for! Did anyone else have trouble trying to find the right facial primer? Well, that is exactly what we did; Evelyn Iona’s Green Tea Primer. To top it off it’s a natural, certified organic product that is good for your skin!


I am a huge fan of the Natural & Organic products, it really does make a difference for the look of your skin, and you know exactly what is going on your skin, and what your body’s absorbing! Evelyn Iona designs their products with an organic lifestyle that creates socially-responsible beauty products good for your skin, planet & community. Something that stuck out to me most about this Green Tea Primer was the light weight feel after applying it on my skin.





Application: Applying it was really easy being so lightweight it glides across your skin evenly making it really effortless. I like to use an everyday flat liquid foundation brush to apply this primer as the texture is comparable to a mix of lotion and gel. After applying it really felt like I had put nothing on my face just the feeling of a soft and smooth looking complexion, it felt fresh! After, I went ahead with my regular morning makeup routine - Liquid foundation, pressed powder and bronzer. With the chilly weather lately my skin has been a bit dry, but my liquid foundation, and powders went on very easily not catching or getting caught in any blemish and fills the wrinkles (always a bonus!). I also tend to get oilier skin throughout my day, but this product gives your skin sort of a matte finish, and long lasting wear for your makeup! (another HUGE bonus)

*Keep in mind during product application that a little amount goes a long way, all you need is one small pump!


Some facts about this product: Not only is it Natural, Organic, Vegan, Paraben Free, and Cruelty Free; It also contains skin-repairing ingredients (the green tea), is very gentle on sensitive skin, anti-oxidant rich, hydrating, and $1 from every product sold is donated to YWCA Canada. How awesome is that?


*A note about Evelyn Iona and YWCA Canada: In 2012 founder, Brandi Leifso lived in a woman's shelter at the age of 21. Just one year later she founded Evio Beauty Group and partnered with the largest women's organization, YWCA. $1 from every product sold at evelyniona.com is donated to YWCA Canada because they know first hand the importance of these organizations and what is possible through empowering one another. In addition, the founder speaks about domestic violence, how resilience is the key to everything, and takes part in programs such as the Canadian Youth Leadership summit.



Product Ingredients:Aqua (Water), Orvanic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Gel), Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Wax Esters, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Extracts of Organic Camelia Sinensis Leaf Ferment ( Green Tea), Resveratrol, Silica, Lonicera Caprifolium (Japanese Honeysuckle) Neopein, Rosa Mosquesta (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose. *Certified Organic*

The ingredient that I love most used in this product is actually the Leaf (Aloe Gel)! Just a few benefits of this ingredient alone are supplying your skin with moisture, and elasticity, reducing the look of redness, and giving your skin a healthy glow!


An extra bonus of this company is that the founder and owner of this makeup company is from right here in Vancouver!

As you know, we love to support local!


With grad hair and makeup season around the corner we are excited to have this new addition in our kits!


To purchase this product check out the Evelyn Iona website:


Price: $29.50 usd


Cheers,Ray :)



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