Horomonal and Postpartum Hair Loss

April 27, 2016

Hair loss is something I have been dealing with for about 3 years now.  That’s not something at the age of 25 you would think to be a problem.  Especially being a hairdresser and knowing you do not put your hair through nearly as much heat and color damage as most women do.  Before I share my images of my hair let me briefly tell you when this all started, and why I am calling this article hormonal and postpartum hair loss…


About 3 years as I was getting ready to go out. I decided for once, maybe I should curl my hair nicely, instead of the air dry natural wave I always do. As I went in layer by layer I noticed these chunks of hair pretty much sticking straight out.  As if someone had come and decided to just snip my hair right at the root.  I thought for sure this was just some random thing, and ignored it until I kept noticing it in different places on my head.


So off I went to the doctor to see what he said.  To be quite honest he really had no answer for me at all. Even with all my picture evidence, he was pretty much speechless.  He questioned me quite a bit that maybe I am chemically treating my hair too much or using too much heat. Again, I am a hairdresser I kind of know what I am talking about when it comes to this and my hair is far from being treated poorly. So there I am waiting to hear, “oh that is completely normal.” No, that didn’t happen.  Instead I was sent for a bunch of different blood tests. Everything came back positive, of course and I was thankful for that.  This continued on until I got pregnant and at that time the doctor told me that my hair will change during my pregnancy and to not worry about it, it will all be fine. He told me because of the prenatal vitamins, my hair would probably become super healthy.


He was actually right about that part, because while I was pregnant I noticed none of these “chunks” sticking out, which was such a relief.  I had my beautiful daughter Adalynn Gem Parker and even after 6 months didn’t notice any more of what I thought was hair breakage.  Then I hit around 8-9 months postpartum and exactly what I used to see happening in my hair was even worse.  At this point the doctor said I may have a case of Alopecia Areata.  Ok, that is something a hairdresser definitely DOES NOT want to hear.  This is a hair loss medical condition we are taught about in school.  Of course in school they show you images of the worst cases where women have big bald patches.  He went on to say there are more minor cases, and that is more what he was referring to for me. 

Here are a few images of some of the areas I noticed just recently. This is past the poking out stage, hopefully on it's way to healthy growth. These are pretty much identical to what used to happen to me a year before I even got pregnant. 



 You will notice hair re-growth in the front, side burns and in the back.


I am not a doctor, but I don’t know if I believe it is Alopecia Areata and I guess I will have to wait and see if this continues on.  What I do know is at around the time this first started happening is when I came off birth control because I found out I was allergic to estrogen, and this was the reason I was getting such strong migraines.  When I came off the pill, my hormones were crazy in so many ways.  I believe this was most likely the cause of my hair loss.  I know many friends who have come off the pill to try for kids and a year later their body still isn’t back to normal.  In my opinion this is the only logical reasoning behind why this hair loss and regrowth is so similar to what is now probably postpartum hair loss.  Both these stages in my life are times when my hormones are all over the place and probably trying to just get back to normal. When I looked up postpartum hair loss I saw very similar images.  Thank goodness for that!


The main reason for this blog post is just for awareness.  I don’t know if others coming off birth control have had this happen, but I know when it started happening I wish I had more answers.  I also wanted to offer all the new moms and moms to be some tips on how you can cover up this hair re-growth stage.


1. Avoid wearing your hair in high ponytails as this will show the balding and regrowth areas.


2. Switch up your part to help cover the areas growing back in.


3. Wear thick headbands.  This is a great way to cover these hairs when they want to stick straight up.


4. Bangs. For the time being you could always get bangs if you have hair regrowth in the front.  This will help make it look like it is part of your bangs.


5. Ekatala Flyaway Gel.  In one of my recent posts you may have read about this product.  Since my hairs are re-growing all over my head not just the front, this product has been a savior!


Before I finish up I just wanted to mention that this issue made me realize how beautiful and strong the women who are going through severe hair loss are.  Hair, like many other body parts we all struggle with is something that makes us feel like a “beautiful” woman.  Take that away, and it can really be a hard thing to overcome and not let it affect how you feel about yourself.  Society unfortunately has made it this way for us. 


After having a baby we all have body changes that we struggle with, and they are all different.  It is something I am still struggling with every day.  Just remember, in the end none of it should matter.  You gave up your own body to create another, and that is one of the most amazing things you could do.


Photo By Allyfotografy

 She was worth every body change <3

Gem xx

PS- Always check with your doctor about hair loss.  If my hair isn't back to normal in 6 months to a year I will be doing another check up.  Fingers crossed it's just hormones!



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