Ekatala Fly Away Gel

March 23, 2016

I can't believe the end of March is almost here. Anyone else feel like 2016 just started? Yet, here we are so close to it being a quarter done already..
With that being said I am sorry our next post has taken so long to be put up but we have been working away getting ready for wedding and graduation season.  We also had a couple more clean products we needed to find for our kits.  Here is one of the products we found, and LOVE!


The Fly Away Gel by Ekatala works wonders!
This lightweight organic formula gets rid of fly aways instantly.  It is the perfect size to fit in your purse, or a clutch, so it is great for going out with.  The mascara wand style brush is easy to use. I was so thrilled when I came across this because it is a great alternative to finish off a style without having to use even more hairspray. Nobody likes having their hair done and feeling like there is way too much product in it.


Vitamin infused aloe gel; Organic rice or corn extract; Organic jojoba oil; Organic olive oil; Organic grape seed oil; Organic apricot oil and organic evening primrose oil; Lead-free plant sourced kosher vegan non-GMO xanthan gum & potassium sorbate; May contain organic yucca starch; Organic essential oils of: rosemary and litsea cubeba.



Here is a video of us using this product.  I have to mention that this was a one take video.  We didn't take multiple videos to try to get a good one because honestly this product is just so easy to use!


For a closer up view, here is a before and after from the video!


When I was looking for a natural product like this for our kits, Kahle, the face behind Ekatala, met all of my expectations. Here are her inspiring words right from their website.




 - What inspired you to create Ekatala?

Four years ago, I began researching fly-away gels for my clients. I had grown concerned about hairstylists using so much hairspray as a finishing tool to target those several unruly hairs almost everybody fights. I knew that there was nothing good about aerosol sprays. I envisioned the ultimate product: a natural, fly-away gel with a mascara wand that you could throw into your purse. I wanted it to be organic and high-performing. So, I started to make phone calls to manufacturers, and I kept hitting walls. I kept asking, “Can’t I have an organic product without all of the chemicals?” The manufacturers always responded, “No, because it won’t perform the way you want it to.” And, in my mind, that just was not good enough.


 - Why did you refuse to take “no” for an answer?

A lot of the ingredients in beauty products contain proven carcinogens. The average woman puts on between 10 and 20 beauty products in a day. What you put onto your body can be absorbed into your body. If you can replace some of those products with those that have only healthy ingredients, it will help dilute the overall toxins in your body.


 - How far did your quest for organic beauty care take you?

I started by analyzing labels on all hair- and body-care products. The labels would promote the products as being “sulfate free,” but time after time, I would read to the bottom of the ingredients and find a sulfate product. I would call manufacturers and say, “But you are promoting your product as sulfate-free. So, why is that sulfate product there?” They all would reply, “Because it is the lesser of the evils.” Then, I began buying up every organic hair- and body-care product I could find. But I just could not find one that worked. And I never could find one that drew me to it. Not a scent. Not even a brand. And that inspired me to create Ekatala, which has been four years in development. Ekatala has been a monumental, transformative, personal journey.


 - What is the sensibility of Ekatala?

Ekatala is natural, organic beauty care formulated from the awareness that anything applied onto our bodies can be absorbed into our bodies. My goal with Ekatala is to create products that are pure and natural, healthy and high-performing, without compromising. If the products have the word Ekatala on them, you can count on them being true and sincere. Ekatala is beauty inside and out. It is also keeping in mind what is going down your drains. It is everything.


At the moment the Fly Away Gel can be purchased online for US residents only.
For anybody interested here in Canada you can contact us directly!

We are so excited for this product and hope you love it too!
Happy Wednesday!

Gem xx



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