Favourite Products For a Glowing Natural Look

January 2, 2016

This look I am going to share with you, is for those of you that suffer from dry skin like myself.
Of course this same look can be used for people with normal and oily skin, I would just change up the moisturizer used and use some extra powder.


Here are the products used:

Step 1: Pure Anada Berry & Bouquet Hyrda Cream

This cream has a very light scent that really does smell like its name, Berry & Bouquet.  What I love about this cream is it is super moisturizing but not greasy at all. Making it easy to apply any kind of makeup minutes after.

Step 2: Pure Anada Sheer Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

I just LOVE this product for dry skin.  When you have flaky dry skin most foundation just brings out those patchy dry spots.  This product is so moisturizing I feel like it is helping my skin when I wear it.  I apply it just like a moisturizer, with my hands and all over my face.  You can get a medium coverage without feeling like you have a ton of makeup on.  The best part about this product is that it's so fast and easy to put on! It just applies so smoothly.

Step 3: Elate Universal Creme in the shade Love
This cream blush is another great product for dry skin.  When you have dryer skin you want to avoid too much powder as it will bring out the dry flakes.  This cream blush is also super moisturizer feeling, and the colour is gorgeous! You can blend in cream blush with your fingers or a flat top makeup brush. A big bonus of this blush is that it can also be used as a lip color and it smells great!

Step 4: Elate Veiled Elation, Glowing

This powder is the perect finish for a glowing look! It is a lightweight loose powder that can be lightly brushed onto your face to set the look.  Velied Elation also has a mattify powder.  For oily skin this would probably be the best choice to set this glowing look as the tinted moisturizer will still give you a glow.

For this everyday look, after you finish I usually just add some mascara and maybe a bit of eyeliner too! A nude, glossy lip goes well with this look.


Bonus: 100% Pure Argan Oil Hydration SPF 30

This product is not a must for this look. However I have been hunting for a clean face moisturizer with a SPF, and I love this one.  To protect my skin more I usually add this after my Hydra Lotion if I know I will be outside.
This cream is 100% natural and 100% vegan.  I find this very comforting because most suncreens that have SPF 30 are filled with toxins.

When I use this routine I have honestly got comments from people saying that I am glowing. 

And it really only happens when I do this look!

This photo was taken inside, but I find when I am in pictures that are taken outside it really stands out!

That's all for now!
Feel free to personally e-mail me if you have any questions at all about the natural products I used in this blog post!

Gem xx


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