All Natural Lash Adhesive

December 31, 2015

I think when it comes to things like your eyes, it is pretty important to pay attention of what is put on them and what can go in them. After all you do need them to see! The lash adhesive I am going to introduce to you today is True Glue All Natural Lash Adhesive.  This a Canadian brand who sells false lashes but their main product is their lash glue.  This glue is natural, vegetarian, not tested on animals, latex free and dermatologist tested.


There are a number of things that I LOVE about this lash adhesive!

1. The glue is clear.  I know some people like glue to be white than dry clear but for me I want to know 100% that you won’t be seeing it.  There is nothing worse than seeing eyelash glue in a close up shot of a bride’s makeup. We do mostly bridal makeup so this is super important to me!

2. The brush to apply it.  This brush makes it so easy to apply the glue straight to your false lashes. I’m not kidding, it just makes all the difference.  Most eyelash glue is in a tube and I find it is easy to squeeze out too much and make a mess. Especially if you are in a rush!

3.  The smell.  This lash adhesive smells amazing, thanks to rosewater being the base of this product!  An eyelash glue that smells good? Enough said.


Now I am going to focus a bit on how wicked the ingredients are in this product.


Ingredients: Rosewater, chamomile extract, biotin, candelila wax, pullulan, glycerin, geranium, beeswax and castor oil.


Did you know that lots of the common eyelash adhesive brands have Formaldehyde, Ammonium Hydroxide or Rubber Latex in them. Generally not something you would in contact with your eyes.

The fact that this glue is latex free is a huge bonus on its own.  Lots of people have allergies to latex.  If you are one of those people that can’t stand to wear eyelashes cause they irritate your eyes, this could be why.


Another huge bonus is that biotin is an ingredient.  Hello! Biotin is known to strengthen hair. I recently bought vitamins that say on the label they are specifically for hair and nail growth, and what do you think the main ingredient was? Biotin! Also known as Vitamin H, part of the complex B vitamin.  Using ingredients that benefit you is always a positive in my eye.


The lasting power of this glue is just like any other lash glue.  It does work and lasts! I put my lashes on early morning and had them on into the evening with no problems.  I haven’t had anything to cry about lately so I can’t say for sure that it is tear proof but I have high hopes that it probably is, by the feel of it.


You can purchase this lash adhesive in two sizes on their website:


5g is $12.99 and 10g is $16.99, well worth the price I think!

That is all for now!


I hope everyone enjoys the sunshine we are having today, and the warm weekend that is headed our way just in time for Mother’s Day!

Gem xx


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