Evenlyn Iona

December 30, 2015

Today I am going to introduce you to another local brand right here from Vancouver!
Evelyn Iona is a brand that wants to make a change. $1 from every product is donated to YWCA Canada. This brand has many other positive reasons why you should invest in it.

- 70%+ Organic

-90%+ Natural
-Gluten Free
-No Parabens

-No Chemicals

-Formulated for Sensitive Skin

-Cruelty Free

-Age-Defying Antioxidants

We are going to introduce you to their Natural & Organic Gel Liner.




On the back of this product they actually call this product, "Natural/Organic Cream Gel Liner," and for a good reason.  This gel liner is VERY smooth.  If you are new to the gel liner world I high recommend this product because it will make your transition so easy.  The smoothness of this formula makes it incredibly easy to do the perfect wing liner.  My guess as to why it applies so well is from the Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and the Grape Seed Oil.  These are the first 3 ingredients on the label, which means a good amount of the formula is made up of these natural products.


*On a side note*
This brand tells you the scientific name of an ingredient as well as what we would know it as.  I love brands that do this because lots of time we think it is a chemical or something not safe because we can't pronounce the word but really lots of brands only put the scientific name.
Example: Ricinus Comminis is Castor Seed Oil


Here are a couple examples of how the product goes on, hopefully this will help you get an idea of how smooth it is.


The one thing that really surprised me with this eyeliner, was how well it stayed on when applied to the water line.  I find a lot of liners as soon as they touch your water liner they are gone very fast. For me, this is a huge bonus!


This product is also Vegan! It is sold online or at select boutiques and salons.
If you follow their facebook you can be in the loop of the locations of some of their pop up shops!
This gel liner sells at the price of $19.50 Canadian.


To check out more product made by Evelyn Iona, visit there website:




Gem xx




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