Gems is going natural, organic and clean!

December 10, 2015


As we start our journey from switching our kits to be safer, cleaner and filled with natural and organic products I thought a blog to share with our followers would be perfect!
Of course, I will also share fun things we have been up to and some tips and tricks about hair, makeup and weddings!


Now before I get into this I just would like to mention I am NOT a scientist, I will try my very best to give you true facts that I have learnt from books, artists, the internet etc but I cannot give you a scientific, “fact proven guarantee” on everything.  And lastly, I am also NOT a writer.  In fact English was my worst subject... probably why I chose a career path of a hair and makeup artist, which is far from being a writer. Unfortunately to be with the technological times and the way advertising and marketing are going, I really now am kicking myself in the butt for not doing better in English! I felt though as I started this blog it was important that I wrote it, and didn’t hire someone else.  If this ends up horrible however I may just have to one day hire someone.  To sum it up, just be warned this will not deserve an “A,” in grammar but the whole point is to really help our followers make better choices for their body and lifestyle!


Alright, here we go..

I know I have said for a few years now that I need to use better products, but what stopped me from doing it was how time consuming it is! With the lack of safety regulations when it comes to beauty products in Canada, the word "clean", "all-natural" or "safe to use" may not always be the case.


I think the first step is to distinguish the difference between a natural product and an organic product! What is the difference?

Natural Beauty Product: The term "natural," means that the ingredients used come from nature and are not made synthetically. The ingredients are not harsh chemicals or toxins. When a product is said to be natural this is sort of a grey area. They may have lemon as an ingredient, but how do we know that lemon wasn't covered in pesticides or other harmful chemicals? We don't, unless the brand has specifically specified this. But when you compare this ingredient to say artificial lemon fragrance (which is known to have dangerous things like petrochemicals in it), which would you prefer?  My conclusion to the word natural is, it is not always 100% clean but it sure is a lot better than thousands of the other toxic ingredients in our everyday beauty products. I would pick a product that has some natural ingredients over the well-known brand name that I bet has more toxins than you can count on both your hands. The key to really finding out how natural your product is, is to check the ingredients.  As you become more familiar with what are toxic ingredients and what are not, figuring out what products are actually safe will become a much easier process.


Organic Beauty Product:  A product that is, “organic” has relatively the same meaning as, “natural.”  The ingredients also come from nature and are not made synthetically.  What makes them different though is an organic product also does not use any pesticides or harsh chemicals that helped in their growing process. This term is as much the same as our food; there is a rating scale of how organic something can be.  To make you think a little bit about this, how do we know that an organic farm isn’t right next to a farm that uses pesticides to grow their crop? Again, we don’t.  And if that organic farm is next to pesticides than there definitely is a chance that those chemicals may travel by the air to lightly affect the organic farms crops. Seems like we can’t just win eh?  The best bet when buying organic products is to purchase a, “USDA certified organic” product.  This means it has been approved under very strict standards and really is as safe as you can get. This is what the label looks like.




For more information on what natural and organic really means when you read the label on your beauty products, check out this great article by the Women’s Health Magazine.


That is all for now! I hope that helps you on the start of your journey towards choosing safer and cleaner products for your body!

PS- I hope my grammar and writing wasn't toohorrible!


Gem xx









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