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I began in the wedding industry as a decorator at a very young age. By the time I was twenty, I had progressed to a wedding planner and was pretty much obsessed with weddings. Having an interest in hair and make-up I decided to pursue an education in it. After graduating from my program I decided to combine my education and love of weddings and began working in Vancouver doing mobile hair and make-up. After 3 years, with a lot of determination and hard work I created GEMS and had finally landed my dream job! (I’m still working on the big dream of owning my own vineyard one day, but who isn’t?!)


This industry is a never ending learning environment. I am always looking for opportunities to expand my own knowledge of the trade by attending continuing education opportunities all over the world in places like Asia, where I spent a month furthering my education. I have been lucky to have learned from so many talented artists that it inspired me to want to teach myself! And that is how GEMS started to grow!


My method is simple. I look for women with drive, passion and a fun loving attitude. Utilizing their natural talents, I further train them so we all have a cohesive style and work ethic creating the fantastic team that is GEMS! Get to know us better by reading below and learning why we love what we do!
-gem xx

Owner & Head Stylist, Gem

Can't live without product: Blush
Beauty Inspiration: Lauren Conrad
Favourite Quote: What's meant to be will find it's way

I love my job for so many reasons but mostly because I get to meet amazing people every day all while doing something I love.  I get to be a part of a special day in someone’s life, surrounded by so much beauty and love. Not to mention how much fun everyone has getting ready! When I'm not working, you’ll find me travelling and exploring the world with my little family or enjoying the good things in life, like the perfect food and wine pairing with good company.


Lead Stylist, Rhea

Can't live without product: Bronzer
Beauty Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite Quote: There are far far better things ahead than anything we leave behind

I love my job because it's always a rewarding feeling when I'm able to make someone feel even more beautiful and confident! My favourite part is that it doesn't feel like work; it's fun to be able to do something you love! When I'm not working you can find me hunting during fall and winter, and wine tasting in the Okanagan during spring and summer!


Lead Stylist, Erin

Can't live without product: Mascara
Beauty Inspiration: Emma Stone
Favourite Quote: Some are born great, some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness thrust upon them

I love my job because I get to help people feel confident showing off their natural beauty. I love seeing the joy in thier face when we find the perfect look,  while expanding my creative side. I spend my free time in the winter snuggled up on the couch with my favorite flics, and in the summer at a campfire by the lake!


Headshots taken by Surery based photographer: Allyfotografy

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